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Date de clôture : 02/09/2022


ISO 29002 ed 2 restart

Suivi par la Commission: Ingénierie des Données et des Modèles pour l'Industrie


QUESTION : Noting the report of ISO/TC 184/SC 4 WG13 and the situation with ISO/DIS 29002 ed2, SC 4 resolves to cancel project 78517 to develop ISO 29002 (Industrial automation systems and integration — Exchange of characteristic data) and initiate a replacement project with no change in scope from the previous project. The project is to begin at Stage 40 and use the SDT18 development track, with the target dates: circulation of the enquiry draft on 2022-11-30; publication of the International Standard on 2022-11-30. SC 4 appoints Peter Eales as project leader and invites its P-members and A-liaisons to nominate experts to participate in the project.

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