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Date de clôture : 04/07/2022

ISO 8000-1 Edition 2, Data quality — Part 1: Overview

ISO/NP 8000-1 next edition

Suivi par la Commission: Ingénierie des Données et des Modèles pour l'Industrie


Question : Noting the recommendation made by ISO/TC 184/SC 4/WG 13 at the 83rd Plenary, SC 4 requests ISO/CS launch the next edition of ISO 8000 - 1 with the terms of reference noted in Annex A. NOTE : At the 83rd Plenary meeting of ISO/TC 184/SC 4, the committee reviewed and approved the resolution to issue an 8 week NP ballot for ISO/NP 8000 - 1 as a revision to the next edition. At the same time, ISO Directives implemented a change where formal NP ballots are no longer required for revisions to existing documents. The revision can be authorized directly by ISO / CS based on the consensus of the Committee. Members might recall that this approach is similar to the launch of a revision when there is no change in scope by resolution. Having said that, the resolution taken at the Plenary was not structured in a way to demonstrate that the committee was in agreement. ISO/CS has recommended a 4 week CIB with the relevant information to provide the evidence necssary that P Members are in agreement to launch the next edition of ISO 8000 - 1. To that end, this CIB contains the Form 4 document that was reviewed at the Plenary and has the necessary information to support a decision. Note: At the Plenary, the next edition was proposed to be ed3. As ISO 8000 - 1 started as a TS and then became an IS in 2022, the next edition is ed2. The document has been adjusted accordingly.

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